14" x 20" Paper

Perhaps we weren’t clear when we spoke about stocking specialized paper. If odd numbers freak you out or 13 x 19 paper is just a little too bizarre for your tastes, perhaps 14 x 20 will do the trick instead. Ideal for printers and Photoshop aficionados, 14 x 20 inch paper can make full bleed proofs bloodless, so to speak anyway. While an extra inch in either direction may not seem like much of an improvement over its little brother, the additional width and height could be the difference between an image needing to be cropped and a full color, full bodied print. There’s something poetic about saving yourself some work, even if it’s just by an inch. Despite not being able to conjure up a more eloquent way to put it, 14 x 20 paper can make that difference possible for you, should you require it.

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White 14 x 20 Gloss 80lb Text Paper - XPRI Digital - 500 sheets

White 80lb 14X20 Gloss XPRI Digital Gloss Text - 500 sheets per ream

White 14 x 20 Satin 100lb Cover - Blazer Digital® - 500 sheets

White 100lb 14x20 Satin Blazer Digital Satin Cover comes in cases of 500 sheets, broken down into 2 Reams of 250 sheets.

White 14 x 20 Silk 100lb Cover - Chorusart Digital® - 400 sheets

White 100lb 14x20 Silk Chorusart Digital Silk Cover - 400 sheets per pack

White 14 x 20 Silk 100lb Text Paper - Chorusart Digital® - 800 sheets

White 100lb 14X20 Silk Chorusart Digital Silk Text - 800 sheets per pack

White 14 x 20 Smooth 100lb Cover - Accent Opaque® - 200 sheets

White 100lb 14x20 Smooth Accent Opaque Cover Digital - 200 sheets per pack

White 14 x 20 Smooth 70lb Text Paper - Lynx® - 1000 sheets

White 70lb 14X20 Smooth Lynx Digital Smooth Text - 1000 sheets per pack