About us

We mean exactly what we say with the name PaperZone. We’re not going to pretend, we’re not going suggest better than true ideas, and we’re definitely not going to lie to you. We sell paper, first and foremost, and we’re proud of that fact. While other office supply stores and sites dabble in other mediums or outright mix their stocks to combine myriads of different products (pens, pencils, staplers, white-out, markers, etc.), we here at PaperZone are dedicated to keeping true to our name by stocking and selling only the finest and most attractive paper out there. Though we simply can’t compare in versatility to other sites, why should we try? Being an expert on paper means quality and quantity, something that our competitors in fact, can’t compare to themselves. Why trust a layman when you can trust an expert? Trust us, we know what we’re talking about. Trust PaperZone.