Black Paper

They say black looks good on everyone and everything. Add some black trim to something and suddenly it’s thinner, sleeker, and even sexier. Now, when it comes to black paper, we can’t exactly vouch for it fundamentally reinventing your life but what we can vouch for is its versatility and bold look. Think of all the times you’ve been handed a plain old memo, letter, or invitation. Can you remember a single one? Probably not in vivid detail, if you do. But just think; what if it was printed on black paper with white or colored text? Now we’re talking. So let that sink in for a minute, black paper could be the start of something new or the rebirth of something you didn’t even know you had. If it sounds like we’re being vague, maybe that’s the mystery and allure associated with the color black. Or maybe, it’s your own id telling you to buy some black paper, who knows. There’s only one way to find out, right?

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Epic Black 12 x 18 Smooth 80lb Text Paper - Classic Crest® - 1000 sheets

Epic Black 80lb 12X18 Smooth Classic Crest Smooth Digtl Txt comes in cases of 1000 sheets, broken down into 4 Reams of 250 sheets.