Blue Paper

Much like Picasso’s Blue Period, our blue paper here at PaperZone is exquisite. While not everyone is in the market to buy such a bold color, especially for their offices or businesses, anyone with a scrutinous eye and finer taste can truly appreciate these hues of blue. While it’s true that Cubism and the Spanish Civil War have little to do with ordinary paper, there’s a certain art to the color blue itself. Evocative of so many different moods and modes, a piece of blue paper can communicate a rainbow of feelings, despite being commonly known as the “sad color”. Well to us, anyway, blue isn’t so sad. Blue is in fact, quite vital to life; with it being the color of the sky and the ocean and all. So think about that the next time you‘re in the market for some paper because just maybe, blue can name that feeling you can’t.

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Patriot Blue 12 x 18 Linen 100lb Cover - Classic Linen® - 500 sheets

Patriot Blue 100lb 12x18 Linen Classic Linen Digital Cover comes in cases of 500 sheets, broken down into 2 Reams of 250 sheets.

Patriot Blue 12 x 18 Smooth 100lb Cover - Classic Crest® - 500 sheets

Patriot Blue 100lb 12x18 Smooth Classic Crest Smooth Digtl Cover comes in cases of 500 sheets, broken down into 4 Reams of 125 sheets.

Sea Blue 11 x 17 Semi-Vellum 65lb Cover - BriteHue® - 1000 sheets

Sea Blue 65lb 11X17 Semi-Vellum BriteHue Cover Recycled - 1000 sheets per pack

Sea Blue 8.5 x 11 Semi-Vellum 60lb Text Paper - BriteHue® - 500 sheets

Sea Blue 60lb 8.5X11 Semi-Vellum BriteHue Text Recycled - 500 sheets per ream

Sea Blue 8.5 x 11 Semi-Vellum 65lb Cover - BriteHue® - 250 sheets

Sea Blue 65lb 8.5X11 Semi-Vellum BriteHue Cover Recycled - 250 sheets per ream

Sky Pilot Blue 8.5 x 11 Mica Coated 105lb Cover - ASPIRE Petallics® - 800 sheets

Sky Pilot Blue 105lb 8.5X11 Mica Coated Aspire Petallics Cover - 800 sheets per pack