There’s nothing stock standard about our cardstock here at PaperZone. While cardstock is a little more “specialized” than other kinds of paper, there is no end to the amount of things you can do with it. Want to make your own business cards? Cardstock can do that. Want to mail a friend a custom postcard from your trip to Finland? Cardstock’s great for that too. Frustrated by the awful look of commercial playing cards and want to handcraft your own? Heck, cardstock can even do that too! Basically, cardstock is a jack AND master of all trades, so you really don’t have anything to lose by picking up some cardstock from PaperZone. Whether you know it as “cover” paper or even its roguish moniker, “vellum Bristol”, cardstock can do what other kinds of paper don’t. Speaking of being a jack of all trades, you know fast we ship, right? If not, don’t fret, you’ll learn as soon as your cardstock arrives in your mailbox, in your PO box, or on your doorstep.

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Solar White 100lb 12x18 Stipple Classic Crest Cover - 500 Sheets

Solar White 100lb 12x18 Stipple Classic Crest Cover comes in cases of 500 sheets, broken down into 4 Reams of 125 sheets.