Clear Paper

What’s novel, can be written on, but can’t be seen if it’s flat on a table? Why clear paper of course! Now, it may be hard to visualize, (believe us we know), but clear paper is indeed a real thing. While its applications may be somewhat limited, as it doesn’t quite have the “poker face” of other kinds of paper, we here at PaperZone prefer to think of clear paper as “specialized” instead. Ideal for tracing and intricate details, clear paper like this is hard to come by, mostly because it’s so hard to find! Pardon the pun, but we just take such delight in knowing that our paper stands as the clear winner in categories like this. Okay, okay, no more puns. We get it. Simply put, paper like this is won’t disappoint if it’s what you’re looking for. The real challenge is finding it first. Sorry! We just had to.

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Clear 12 x 18 Translucent 40lb Text Paper - Glama Natural® - 900 sheets

Clear 40lb 12x18 Translucent Glama Natural - 900 sheets per pack