Ivory Paper

In the past, ivory has been used in everything from piano keys to sculptures to billiard balls, but nowadays, you just don’t see a whole ton of ivory-related objects. Though this is undeniably for a good reason, the public perception of the color ivory is perhaps a bit unsavory as a result. While some may argue that it’s just a fancy name for “off-white”, we here at PaperZone would beg to differ. The color ivory is simple, sleek, and has a definite stylistic appeal that plain old “off-white” just doesn’t seem to capture. So maybe it’s time to make a letterhead or memo that’s just a little different. Hey, maybe it’ll make a conversation piece. Someone may ask you, “What is this, off-white?”. With confidence and perhaps even a bit of pride, you can reply, “Close, but no cigar. It’s ivory.”

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Natural White Natural 8.5 x 11 Wove 90lb Cover - Cranes Cover® - 1000 sheets

Natural White Natural 90lb 8.5X11 Wove Cranes Cover - 1000 sheets per pack

Pearlized Latte Cream 12 x 18 Smooth 105lb Cover - Esse® - 500 sheets

Pearlized Latte Cream 105lb 12x18 Smooth Esse Smooth Digital Cover comes in cases of 500 sheets, broken down into 2 Reams of 250 sheets.

Recycled Natural White 8.5 x 11 Lineal 24lb Writing Paper - Classic Columns® - 500 sheets

Recycled Natural White Natural 24lb 8.5X11 Lineal Classic Columns Writing - 500 sheets per ream

Sand Natural 8.5 x 11 Vellum 65lb Cover - Astroparche® - 2000 sheets

Sand Natural 65lb 8.5X11 Vellum Astroparche Cover comes in cases of 2000 sheets, broken down into 8 Reams of 250 sheets.

Soft White Cream 8.5 x 11 Eggshell 80lb Cover - Superfine® - 250 sheets

Soft White Cream 80lb 8.5X11 Eggshell Superfine Eggshell Cover - 250 sheets per ream

Soft White Cream 8.5 x 11 Laid 24lb Paper - Strathmore® Writing - 500 sheets

Soft White Cream 24lb 8.5X11 Laid Strathmore Writing Laid - 500 sheets per ream