8.5" x 14" Paper

Legally speaking, we shouldn’t be telling you any of this but we’ll risk it, seeing as how you’re a valuable customer. 8.5 x 14 paper, also known as legal paper, is the slightly larger brother to good old letter paper. Though not as a widely used as its sibling, legal paper is perfect for making charts and for those who need a little extra work space, given that it’s slightly longer. Three inches may not sound like very much, but it can be the deciding factor between an average height kind of guy and one who’s considered to be tall. Many people may claim that 8.5 x 11 is just right for them, but in secret they’ll coyly admit that they prefer his taller brother. So go ahead, we aren’t going to judge you for having a preference. In fact, you should be proud of your tastes, because we couldn’t recommend a finer choice.

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White 8.5 x 14 Wove 20lb Bond Paper - Xerox® Multipurpose - 5000 sheets

White 20lb 8.5X14 Wove Xerox 4200 comes in cases of 5000 sheets, broken down into 10 Reams of 500 sheets.