Pink Paper

Pink is for whatever reason, a color that many people seem to be uncomfortable with. Some say it’s “girly”, others say that it’s “soft”, and others still say it’s “weak”. PaperZone isn’t here to change your mind about your own beliefs but we are here to tell you one thing. Pink paper is in. While pink may not be a bold leader like its cousin red or its distant uncle orange, pink is understated and crafty. Employing pink paper in your everyday life develops an attention to detail and refined taste that is plain for all to see. Like a nice rosé, a spot of pink every now and then subtly sharpens your palette and makes you appreciate the finer things in life. So if a bolder color is too brazen for your tastes, think about the kind of message you could send with pink. Refined, tasteful, and ever present.

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Mountain Rose Pink 98lb 8.5X11 Mica Ct Aspr Ptllcs Cvr - 800 sheets

Mountain Rose Pink 98lb 8.5X11 Mica Coated Aspire Petallics Cover - 800 sheets per pack