Purple Paper

Purple has been, historically anyway, both the color of royalty and very expensive to make. But worry not, these days purple is inexpensive and available to any and all who wish to exude an air of elegance and poise. Or perhaps you just like the color purple and wish to make a shade of the color your standard stationery. Seeing as that is indeed our area of expertise, we can aid you forthwith, your Excellency. Oh, pardon us, we just figured that you enjoyed the power and status of a person who employs the color purple so well. You know, traditionally speaking anyway, the color purple was created from grinding up snail shells and would obviously take quite a long time to do so. However, you know what isn’t slow? The speed at which you’ll receive your purple paper after it has been shipped, your Highness. If it would please you, you can order purple paper at your leisure.

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Violet 11 x 17 Semi-Vellum 65lb Cover - BriteHue® - 1000 sheets

Violet Purple 65lb 11X17 Semi-Vellum BriteHue Cover Recycled - 1000 sheets per pack

Violet 8.5 x 11 Semi-Vellum 60lb Text Paper - BriteHue® - 500 sheets

Violet Purple 60lb 8.5X11 Semi-Vellum BriteHue Text Recycled - 500 sheets per ream

Violet 8.5 x 11 Semi-Vellum 65lb Cover - BriteHue® - 250 sheets

Violet Purple 65lb 8.5X11 Semi-Vellum BriteHue Cover Recycled - 250 sheets per ream