11" x 17" Paper

Trashy. Glossy. Yellow. They’ve called it a million names but we happen to prefer its proper nomenclature. 11 x 17 paper, also known as tabloid paper, is anything but trashy or cheap. Roughly equivalent to European A3 paper, tabloid or ledger paper, if you prefer to be classy, can take up nearly two 8.5 x 11 sheets worth of content on its thick sprawling surface. While many sleazy kinds of folks may take advantage of all that space to print awkward photos and write tasteless descriptions, we here at PaperZone believe that 11 x 17 paper’s unsavory reputation can be cast off quite easily. Since you’ve already read this much of its description, tabloid paper must sound at least a little bit appealing to you. With that in mind, maybe you’ll be the one kind individual to see it for its true worth. Maybe you’ll print some flattering pictures or write some truthful copy down on its welcoming face. Who knows better than you, right?

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White 11 x 17 Vellum Bristol 67lb Cardstock - Springhill® - 250 sheets

White 67lb 11X17 Vellum Springhill VB White Digital - 250 sheets per ream

White 11 x 17 Vellum Bristol 80lb Cardstock - Springhill® - 1000 sheets

White 80lb 11X17 Vellum Springhill Vellum Bristol Whit - 1000 sheets per pack

White 11 x 17 Wove 20lb Bond Paper - Xerox® Multipurpose - 2500 sheets

White 20lb 11X17 Wove Xerox 4200 comes in cases of 2500 sheets, broken down into 5 Reams of 500 sheets.

Yellow 11 x 17 Semi-Vellum 65lb Cover - BriteHue® - 250 sheets

Yellow 65lb 11X17 Semi-Vellum BriteHue Cover Recycled - 250 sheets per ream

Yellow 11 x 17 Vellum Bristol 67lb Cardstock - Exact® - 250 sheets

Yellow 67lb 11X17 Vellum Exact Vellum Bristol - 250 sheets per ream