White Paper

We know what you’re thinking; white paper? It’s so boring, so plain, so normal. Well, we won’t argue with what you think but maybe we can argue with your word choice. White is so many colors in one; snow, vanilla, eggshell, wool, mist, cloud, the list goes on and on and on. The one thing no one can dispute however is this; white paper is good for just about any job you can assign it to. And hey, white paper is also good for all kinds of finishes, media, and general applications too. So maybe white paper isn’t the most exciting type of paper out there, but an average joe gets the work done and does it well. No one takes the time to thank every day heroes, so maybe today’s the day to stop thinking about white paper as ordinary, and instead think of it as exceptional. Extraordinary, even.

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Whitestone White 8.5 x 11 Smooth 24lb Writing Paper - Classic Crest® - 500 sheets

Whitestone White 24lb 8.5X11 Smooth Classic Crest Writing - 500 sheets per ream

Whitestone White 8.5 x 11 Smooth 80lb Cover - Classic Crest® - 250 sheets

Whitestone White 80lb 8.5X11 Smooth Classic Crest Cover - 250 sheets per ream

Willow White 12 x 18 Mica Coated 105lb Cover - ASPIRE Petallics® - 600 sheets

Willow White 105lb 12x18 Mica Coated Aspire Petallics Cover - 600 sheets per pack