Yellow Paper

Yellow is two steps away from gold and if you’re already considering buying some yellow paper, then you may be even closer than you thought. Yellow is a color that not many people are instantly attracted to, what with other, bolder alternatives easily on hand. Sure, we get it, yellow can be a strange color to mix and match with. But consider this for a minute here; yellow is one of the three primary colors and yellow is also the only primary color that can’t be broken down further. Forget red and blue, they fade into magenta and cyan. Yellow however, stays strong and true to itself, regardless of its compatriots crumbling under pressure. So perhaps yellow commands more respect than you think? It’s possible, but there’s only one way to be sure. Be commanding and order some yellow paper today, we’ll ship it out fast.

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Canary Yellow 8.5 x 11 Smooth 90lb Index Cardstock - Springhill® Index - 250 sheets

Canary Yellow 90lb 8.5X11 Smooth Springhill Index Color Digital - 250 sheets per ream

Canary Yellow 8.5 x 11 Vellum 65lb Cover - Springhill® Opaque - 250 sheets

Canary Yellow 65lb 8.5X11 Vellum Springhill Cover Digital - 250 sheets per ream

Canary Yellow 8.5 x 11 Vellum Bristol 67lb Cardstock - Springhill® - 250 sheets

Canary Yellow 67lb 8.5X11 Vellum Springhill VB Colors Digital - 250 sheets per ream

Canary Yellow 8.5 x 14 20lb Bond Paper - Hammermill® Fore® MP - 500 sheets

Canary Yellow 20lb 8.5X14 Bond HammerMill Fore MP Colors - 500 sheets per ream

Canary Yellow 8.5 x 14 Smooth 60lb Text Paper - Springhill® Opaque - 500 sheets

Canary Yellow 60lb 8.5X14 Smooth Springhill Colors Digital - 500 sheets per ream

Lemon Yellow 11 x 17 Smooth 60lb Text Paper - Astrobrights® - 500 sheets

Lift-Off Lemon Yellow 60lb 11X17 Smooth Astrobrights Text - 500 sheets per ream